Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here's the ending to our day yesterday, courtesy of my backyard. 

Now, don't be hatin' while you're shoveling snow. Remember we get shorted out on the change of seasons. So, make yourself a margarita, turn up the heat, kick off your shoes after you've turned up the heat, (we don't want no frostbite), and pretend you're here with us. We'll be thinking of you.

Today's Bossy Download: "Jump Around" by House of Pain.  For all you snow-shovelers, this'll get your blood pumpin'.  Also, another good tool for embarrassing your kids. Crank it up, roll down the windows, (especially good if you drive a minivan), and ease on up to where they're standing mortified. At the same time, wave like a spaz to all their friends.  It'll get em, every time!


1 comment:

allie said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! I started blogging too to keep up with my sisters and for therapy...but then got so depressed i haven't posted in a while. lost my following. maybe you have inspired me to start back.

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