Can That Little Bindy Kid Help Me?
Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our backyard is Animal Planet.


We have majestic Sandhill Cranes that live on the lake. They share the yard with bats, hawks, bald eagles, fish of all kinds, possums, armadillos, foxes, bunnies, birds and ducks galore, a bunch of feral cats that I think belong to my neighbor and fireflies. Yes...fireflies.

Fireflies don't usually hang out in The Tropics. But, something about this Snow White Kingdom even brings the fireflies around.

Our Sandhill Cranes had these little cuties this year.

Sandhill Cranes are unique in that they mate for life and usually have two kids every year, very much like the Duggar's mating cycle. 

But, we're not gonna go there today. I used up all my vitriol on my last post. Gotta save up.

Sadly, most of the time, only one of the babies makes it to adulthood. Sometimes, both of them are gone. There are many reasons their survival rates are so low. The number one being their parents' brains are about the size of a small pebble or the equivalent to Paris Hilton's brain. 

This is quite apparent every single day when the Dad ambles up onto our patio, sees what he thinks is another Sandhill Crane, which in reality, is only his reflection in the sliding glass door and proceeds to peck the crap out of my glass door, causing the dog to almost have an aneurysm as my door rattles and shakes, like it's about to explode. 

I shoo him away. He leaves, only to come back again and again and again, looking surprised every time he discovers his long-lost twin.

It's a miracle, really, when one of those chickies makes it.

The hawks are another danger. They like little tasty feathered treats.

But, their main threat is: Look Closely!

That's right, the gators that sun themselves on the banks and consider our lake their fave swimming hole. They're the head honchos of the food chain. I'm pretty sure they top us. We do NOT mess with them. Mainly because, at night, when The Hubby drives the car down there and shines the headlights on the lake, many, many, many pairs of red eyes glimmer back at us with this little glint that you just know, says... "Go ahead, jump in. I dare you." 

The two little chicks are almost as big as their parents now. So, things look good for them. 

It's the rest of us I'm worried about.

Today's DO ITTT Download: I haven't really represented country music. A shame, I do love the sweet simplicity of most country music. They love their Mammas, their kids, and their country. Today it's the ridiculously beautiful, Carrie Underwood's, "I Told You So." Sweet and simple and Man, does that girl have some pipes. She can wail that chorus. Evident, when she sang it on Idol with its originator, Randy Travis. (Hasn't he gotten weird looking?) The way he shook his head in amazement when she belted it out, said it all.

And speaking of Idol, YOWZA! Last night was fantastico!!! I did not, repeat, did not, appreciate Adam's blasphemous rendition of U2's "One." He started out beautifully giving the first verse the respect it deserves and then he went into his screaming and wailing and it was all, "Dude, do NOT turn my song into some Rocky Horror Picture Show schtick." Messed it up. Of course, all the judges except for Randy fawned over it. And I say again, does anyone really want to buy an album of that? I'll be pissed if he makes a single out of it. It's just not right.

But, his other song was good. Once again, he ran through his vocal gymnastics. Yeah, so you've got a register. Big whoop. 

Danny was great and Kris....Oh Kris, if he goes, it'll the biggest rip-off since Daughtry. He did a jazzy, acoustic guitar version of Kanye's "Heartless" and it was, simply the best of the night. Go, my little dark horse, go! I did dial until I got too caught up in my Housewives reunion show. 

I am a reality TV whore. 

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