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Thursday, June 4, 2009
Sorry, still not feeling too fancy. I'm working on things, but since I don't want to have to rename my blog, "My Busted Up Colon Diaries", I'll refrain from the details. Besides, I really like my blog's name. It took me a whole day to think of a title that would capture the essence of my soul. I knew it was the right one when I emailed my sister all the various catchy headings I was contemplating and she said she snorted her Coke out her nose, at "Laundry Hurts My Feelings."

Today, I give you a video to enjoy, an O-Dawg creation. She and her film partner Miranda took a weekend to put this one together. On the final edit night, at 3:00 am, I awoke to lights shining from under our bedroom door. In the den, I found O-Dawg in front of the big Mac editing away, while Miranda, wrapped in a blanket, slept on the hard wooden floor at O-Dawg's feet. They were taking turns editing, trying to make their morning deadline.

They made the deadline and they made another fabulous video. A warning: the rap they so cleverly wrote will worm its way into your brain and for the rest of the day, you will sing it over and over again, driving yourself batty.

It's totally worth it, though. Take a look.

Today's Gotta Have It Download: I've got to get your mind off that rap.

"Bleed to Love Her" by Fleetwood Mac. I know, I know, two oldies in a row. I promise I'll get more current next time. But, I've just been thinking about this great group a lot lately. They were just so utterly fantastic. I can't tell you how many times I saw them at one of those all day concert gigs, where all I cared about was the music and the party and the beer and the music, always the music. I've grown up since then. I don't do all day, outdoor gigs, mainly because of what it would do to my hair and the fact that I'd have to use a Port-a-Let, but I still feel as passionate about the music.

Also, because I've had so much blood taken out of my veins in the last week, I feel like a character in Twilight, (which I refuse to read because I like good literature. No offense to Twilight lovers.)

Bleed to Love Her, an underrated song by rock royalty. Check it out and remember.

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