A Stunning Pictorial For June
Friday, January 29, 2010

My blog friend, June, has this snort-your coffee-out-your-nose funny blog called Bye Bye Pie.  Reading her blog is one of the first things I do in the morning, of course after I get my coffee, so I can snort it out my nose. There's been more than a few times, certain annoying children have stood over me yelling, "Come on, Mom! I'm going to be late for school because you're commenting on that pie lady's blog."

Damn kids. 

Today she asked us to record our evening in photos at precisely 7:57 pm, so that we could all share. 

I was super excited to join in on Miss June's project. 

The first thing to go wrong was the camera. My Hubby's really special camera's thingamajigs didn't seem to be working properly. 

As you can obviously tell,  I'm a total pro when it comes to photography. 

And since he wasn't home and none of us had any sort of clue, we pulled out the old digital camera. 

Then, there was the fact I have problems following simple directions.

I thought Juney said 7:58. Luckily, I wasn't synchronizing a bomb or anything.

Here's the first photo I snapped of our Bella. Life is utter insanity around our house at 7:58.

Now, here's the thing. I am a healthy eater. I make sure my family eats sound, nutritious foods.

Except for Thursday nights.

Thursday nights are a junk food free-for all at my house.

Here's my Tori, with her health-nut dinner. Julia is giving it the thumbs up in her culinary opinion.

There are some people who have a passion for art. Some folks have a passion for sports. Others' passion lies in Pizza Rolls. Bella has a passion for her tennis ball. It consumes her— this passion.

Here we have a pile of puppies, Bella, Delilah and Sophie. Don't you love the way they match my floor? Not many people can say their dogs match their floor. We're special like that.

So, the reason we have Junk Food Thursdays is because my Hubby comes home late on Thursdays. And every reason I can find not to cook is a good one. Since it's just the kids and me, there's no meal. Kids don't need nutrition. They're resilient like that.

My Hubby is not home on Thursdays because that's his shooting club night. Now, relax. Yes, he shoots guns, but he shoots no animals. He's only about targets and clay pigeons. When we moved to our small southern town, we found out that all the men in town get a choice. They can take up shooting or fly Confederate flags from their autos and chew tobacco. He picked the guns.

The women have the choice of becoming Mary Kay representatives or dying their hair platinum blonde and wearing it big. I never could get the big with my inch of hair, but I was down with the blonde. Mary Kay is good, too. I just have very sensitive skin that rashes up from everything.

So, here I am asking My Hubby about his day.

Oh, and by the way, that cheesy photo was taken at a funster AIG convention and given to us as a party favor. Your insurance dollars hard at work for you.

And since I'm kind of looking for something to do on Thursday night, I thought I'd make a personal appeal:

It's a little inside joke that all of us June followers share. We blog folks have our own world that  the rest of you don't even know about! We're planning on taking over the world here, soon.

So, when I'm super bored, eating junk food and waiting for my Hubby to come home, I have a little "coffee" in my Bye Bye Pie mug.
I don't even drink Scotch, but the bottle of vodka in the liquor cabinet was super-sized and I didn't want everyone to think I was some boozed-up, junk-food-eating, blonde Southern girl.

See what I did there, June? I knocked out 2 birds with one stone, sending in my Bye Bye Pie picture at the same time!

My Julia decided to lay down with her 2 pillows of fluff.

And then it was time for tricks. Ok, time for me to brag. These girls are only 10 weeks old and they're already learning their commands. Here they are sitting. I've got some super smart kids.

Oh, it looks like My Hubby has made it home in time for the photo shoot. That phone is permanently glued to his ear. Insurance never sleeps. And yes, that is one of the trucks recalled in the big Toyota recall. Evidently they're not going to make them anymore, since the problem of the gas pedal getting stuck is so dangerous and one they haven't found a solution for! We're so glad he just bought that truck. We like to live on the real side of danger.

Oh-oh, best get rid of the sign! Hi, Honey! On second thought, Hulk, I better rescind my offer. He has lots of guns and a truck with a stuck gas pedal. He could blame everything on the recall. Sorry, Dude.
And look Daddy brought home the bacon or perhaps the chicken wings to top off Junk Food Thursday and clog up our arteries well and good.

They say the family that eats together, stays together . . .  or something like that.  Tori was too full on Totino Pizza Rolls to eat any wings. Besides, somebody had to take the picture.

At no time, were any of these pictures staged.

So, this is our big life at 7:57 or 8ish at our house. Thanks June for giving us an opportunity to share. I can't wait to see all of my other blog friends' pictures.

Today's Definite Download: The Bee Gee's, "To Love Somebody". See, June loves her some Barry Gibb like I love my Bono. So, for June today, a little Barry and brothers. Enjoy.


Kelly said...

Laughed my bigger-than-it-should-be butt off at your depiction of life at 7:58pm as per June's instructions. I shall have to add you to my blog roll.

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Great post!! But I am confused...since when aren't pizza rolls health food?

June Gardens said...

Okay, that was hilarious. Even Marvin has shot things since we've moved to the South. Cheerwine cans. He shot Cheerwine cans.

Also too, I love your sign to Hulk, who even though he has no blog sent me photos of what he was doing at 7:57. {shocker} It involved sports.

Sandra said...

That was too funny! I just found your blog yesterday and have been reading reading reading your old posts. I find you very enjoyable, funny and interesting. I think this will be my second favorite blog after Junie of course.

Shelley said...

I'm with June, that was hilarious. My favorite pic is you kissing your hubby while hiding your Hulkster sign behind your back. That and the Dewars in the Bye Bye, Pie! mug. I wonder if June has ever thought of using those oversized mugs for that purpose? If Hulk is busy with his mom/wife, maybe you could hit on Target Steve. ;)

Hulk said...

Thanks, Jo...as I posted on Junie's site, what do you charge for the rest of the week?

And honestly...you think your husband spends a few hours shooting targets, then just HAPPENS to stop at Hooters for TAKE-OUT??? Pull my other leg and it plays "Jingle Bells"...

Jan said...

HEY! It's Jan, I ran over from June's land. YOU CRACK ME UP!


Dawn in D.C. said...

Hi Joann! I stopped in earlier from June's and had to come back again. Once wasn't enough!

This was so funny!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

You are THE CUTE! I'm with Hulk, I don't think hubby is shooting anything that doesn't come out of a bottle at Hooters.

Nice of him to bring home chicken though.

Those two little puppies are almost as big as Paris Hilton. No wonder she stopped mothering them.

June Gardens said...

By the way, you know I am using that photo of you and the liquor on my blog, right?

Mary said...

Gotta say the Hulk sign was a hoot! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting ...and no I didn't really plan on my dog matching my floors, it just worked out well that way :)

Steve said...

Nice blog Joann! I will try to catch up on your older posts if I can get work to slow down a bit.

Love the pix of your house, I should have gone into insurance instead of retail.

Hooter's take out, really? I would never get away with that.

Shelley's idea is a good one BTW, until we send our pix in and you see that Hulk is much better looking.

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

We're gonna have to lunch sometime - just don't bring the puppies as I would have to steal them from ya! ;)

LisaPie said...

Love it! Great photo-ops, great kids, fabulicious puppies! A+++++ on your 7:57 project!

I unfortunately totally forgot. But since none of my dogs match my floors, what would have been the point? : )

Paula H and B said...

Hey, it's H&B from June's blog! I've been over here a few times but didn't comment. HOW RUDE. Sorry. I've added you to my Google Reader, but I MUST KNOW what kind of puppies those are? Also I envy your spotless garage. Oy, you should see mine. No, actually, you shouldn't. No one should. It's a shanda.

Joann Mannix said...

Hey Paula, I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I'll leave it here anyway. Those little girls are labradoodles, F1B Labradoodles to be exact. Thank you for commenting. Thank you all for commenting. And the garage? That's the only thing my hubby manages to keep clean. He can't find the hamper for the life of him.

Paula H and B said...

Labradoodles! Thanks! Actually I think there's a labradoodle down the street from me. His name is Homer and he wears a bandanna.

Hulk (Tastes Great, Less Filling) said...

Yes, Joann~Hulk knows about hampers, but I have become almost maniacally defiant when it comes to toilet seats! How hard is it to put a seat down??? And who sits down in ANY bathroom without looking???

The Furry Godmother said...

Ohhhhh! Puppies! Love me some puppies.

And scotch.

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