This Could Be My Bono Moment
Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Bono, The Hutton Hotel, Oprah, The Edge, The Other Two Guys In The Band, (JK, I know who you are, Larry and Adam), Jesus, President Obama And Anyone Else Who Might Be Able To Help A Girl Out:

I've got a problem. And yes, my problem might not be as pressing as world hunger or the scourge of Aids in impoverished countries or even the state of Weiner's wiener, but it's my problem and that makes it a BIG one. 

I have this long vacation story I won't go into because my posts are legendary enough when it comes to length and if any of you aforementioned folks are reading this, especially you Jesus and of course, Bono and Oprah, I know you're all busy saving humanity and the like, so I'll try to make this as brief as I possibly can. 

I'll just say, due to time constraints thanks to my oldest daughter's college and work schedule, my dream of a family vacation was whittled down to 8 days—the only sequential days my daughter could manage.

And so, after many options were mulled over and over and over again, we finally came up with Tennessee. I know my blog readers are scratching their heads right now. Here's the deal on those other places I was considering, guys. We wanted more time than 8 days to traipse across Seattle and Canada. A Cruise didn't work our week. Thank God! And my hubs decided he's New York Citied out for the time being. This might have something to do with the fact that he gets dragged through every back room in Chinatown. His official title is Haggler of Fake Purses. And if you're the Feds, I did not just say that. Someone hacked my blog. Probably the same person who hacked Weiner's twitter.  

My sister was vacationing in Tennessee. So we're meeting up with her and her family for a few days in the mountains and then heading over to Nashville. 

We've never been to Nashville and I hear it's a very exciting city with lots of rhinestone cowboys and such.

So, since I am a savvy travel planner, I did my research and decided that the beautiful Hutton Hotel would fit our needs perfectly. 

I booked us for the majority of the week into the Hutton and decided on our last night of vacation, we would spend the night in Knoxville, since we were flying out of that city the next afternoon. 

After making all of our plans, I breathed a sigh of relief. We were ready to go. 

But then, last week my hubs called me and said, "You're never going to guess who's playing in Nashville on our last night there."

I figured since he is a shooting man and into all things country, he was going to tell me about some country star he's been dying to see and then I'd be forced to go to a geetar pickin' concert where I'd be awash in a sea of Wrangler jeans and disturbingly large belt buckles. 

But he did not say Waylon or Willie.

He said U2. 

U2. U2. U2. 

AND our hotel was just a short jaunt to the stadium. The stadium where Bono of the leather pants and the soaring power punch of a voice and his U2 brothers would be performing. 

I squealed like a Belieber would, while attending a concert of that famous bouffant haired tot. 

I, for the record, am not a Belieber. I'm a Bonoliever. And Bonolievers can shriek and and jump around in frenzied hysteria just as well as the Beliebers. 

The only difference is, we have to hold our boobs when we're jumping. 

My hubs immediately went online to get tickets only to find the stadium is sold out. 

Not a problem for two kids who spent most of the 80's in sweet-smelling smoky concert arenas.

We were concert professionals back in the day, expert at snagging the best tickets, expert at working our way up to the front of the stage, experts at smuggling in fortifications. 

In fact, Internet, remind me to tell you the story of the time I got busted for vodka laced otter pops down my pants. It's a most excellent story, I promise. 

So a sold out stadium is no deterrent for us, especially when it comes to the best band in the world with my boyfriend, Bono as their front man. 

I would simply extend our stay at the Hutton Hotel for one more night. We would snag some tickets outside the stadium the night of the concert and that would be the end of it. 

I promptly called up the lovely Hutton Hotel and was fortunate enough to speak to a delightful woman. Sadly, I can't remember her name, but she just about melted me with her buttery Southern charm. She told me that at the moment, everybody at the hotel was rather busy. See, I happened to call the day of the CMA's which were being held right there in Nashville and goodness knows who those poor hotel people had to keep happy. 

I don't know much about country music stars, but they've probably gotten bitten by the "I'm one of the Special People and thus should be treated in Special fashion" Bug just like the rest of the celebrity crowd.(Of course, that does not include you aforementioned Special People, ahem Oprah.) Country stars are most likely just as outrageous in their demands as the rest of the Special People. I'm sure they want the brown m&m's taken out of the mix of colors and rose petals scattered in their toilets. I could be wrong because Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw and their whole crew of country crooners all seem super sweet, but I think once you're bitten by that bug, the side effects are pretty potent. So since the Hutton Hotel staff were most likely all running around removing brown m&m's from everyone's party bowls and throwing rose petals in everyone's toilet bowls, that sweet Southern lady graciously took my info and reassured me the reservations desk would send me a new confirmation. 

A few days went by and with my big life here with dogs and ducks and teenage girls, I forgot about the confirmation. The moment I realized I'd never received it, I called the Hutton Hotel. 

This time, I didn't get the lovely lady oozing with sweet Tennessee charm who was what I imagined Dolly Parton to be like. 

I spoke to another woman who did not ooze southern graciousness. In fact, she did not ooze at all. She barked, kind of like what I imagine Angelina Jolie to be like. All clipped and harried, she took down my info and then barked at me some more and put me on hold. 

When she came back on the line, she barked even louder, informing me that the reason I didn't get a confirmation was because the hotel was booked up for that night. 

No room at the inn. The hell? Where is the bad economy when you need it?

Now having learned over the years that "no" rarely means a definite, firm "no" when it comes to these things, I tried to charm my Doberman/Angelina friend. I told her I'd picked this beautiful hotel for our vacation to Nashville and it was only after booking, quite a few nights I might add, that I discovered my favorite band in the entire world, U2, would be playing there and that I would give just about anything, maybe even one of my kids and certainly the ducks, both of them, if we could just stay another night. 

And that's when the pit bull barked THERE WAS NO ROOM AT THE INN. PERIOD. She ended my pleading with a veiled Hitleresque threat of, "Now, if there's NOTHINGGGG else I can do for you..."

She probably had to go gloss her overinflated lips. I'm sure they get quite chapped, barking at people all day. 

I did some surfing of the net, made some phone calls and I'm not at liberty to say where I got my info, but there is a  very good chance that, (I'm already starting to hyperventilate just typing the words), that Irish boy with the wail of a voice I first heard coming through my boyfriend's tape deck back in 1981—that soaring, "Your eyes make a circle, I see you when I go in there..."—the one that made me turn to my boyfriend and say, "I have to know who that is"—To which his reply was, "It's a bootleg tape of a new punk rock band out of Ireland called U2"—To which I then confiscated that tape and played it until it wore out and then waited breathlessly for their album debut and still wait breathlessly for every new album as we travel these years together—That Irish boy who has sung to me through all these years—The one and only Bono just might be staying at my hotel, the hotel I was being forced to leave as he would be entering, most likely in his leather pants.

I immediately called my hubs who is a make-it-happen kind of guy and told him he HAD to get us an extra night at the hotel. He, in turn, called the hotel and spoke his charmspeak to someone in charge who told him that there was definitely no room at the inn, but he would put us on the waiting list. The list that was already miles long. 

And this next question's just for you Jesus and probably Oprah, too, because she's in charge of a lot of things down here. What did I do to deserve this? I mean, I'm a nice girl. I always hand back the incorrect change when the cashier gives me too much. I return my grocery carts to the store instead of just leaving them in the parking lot to coast into someone's parked car. I am kind to animals and old people. I give to charity. And I always tell people when they have something in their teeth, because I would want the same. 

So what's up, Jesus and Oprah?

It's not supposed to work this way with U2 and me. 

I have always had this wonderful serendipity when it comes to Bono and the boys. 

I mean, the 360 tour started on September 12th. 

As in September 12 of my birthday, September 12th. 

In Chicago. 

Chicago, the city of my roots. The hometown of all of my sisters. 

I think when they were mapping out the tour dates, Bono said, "I don't know why, but Sept. 12 just speaks to me and so does the city of Chicago. What possibly could have happened in Chicago on Sept. 12? I don't know, but we have to launch the tour on this date in this city."

You know what Bono? I happened on Sept. 12 in Chicago.
Me and Bono and Bono's wife's hair, courtesy of my friend Mary and Face In The Hole. 

And I came back for our birthday date this past year. And it was the best birthday of all times. 

And then magically, the next night, as we sat in a beautiful Chicago park sipping wine and listening to a local Irish band, two tickets were so generously placed in my hand because of a last minute snafu for someone else who couldn't make it to the concert. And so there I was, 20 minutes before the concert, just a few blocks from the stadium, when my U2 karmic connection happened again. 

And the second night was even more glorious than the first. 

Flash forward to U2 in my hometown a few months later. I figured I didn't need to see them a third time so I didn't buy tickets when they were offered to fan club members first. 

And yes, I am a fan club member. I can't be sure of this, but if years of membership count, I might even be the President.

But silly, stupid me thought that I had hit my U2 satisfaction limit. 

In a moment of insanity, I forgot that there is no such thing as too much U2. Just like Mama Duggar knows there are never enough children to be birthed. 

And so the day of the concert I was spreading the word through Facebook that I needed tickets. 

About an hour before the concert, my college girl in another part of the state called me to say one of her college friend's parents had U2 tickets they weren't going to use and these parents lived just a few miles from my home!

We rushed over, gratefully took those tickets off their hands and sped to the concert and into two fabulous seats. 

And yes, you might think I have had more than my share of fortune when it comes to Bono and his incredible leather pants. 

But I say, nay, nay. How can there ever be enough Bono and certainly ever be enough of those leather pants?

I know, deep in my heart, I am destined to meet this man. To babble nonsensical words to him. To tell him I am his biggest fan, because I am sure no one's ever said that to him before. To confess to him as I weep profusely and try my hardest not to drool, that I have loved him since the moment I heard his soaring voice. And of course, to ask him if I could be the one to dance with him on the stage. 

I know this just as I know that without a doubt I will never wear anything remotely considered a sensible shoe.

This could be my chance. 

If any of you aforementioned folks or anyone else out there knows the magic password that would secure me one more night at that hotel, I would be forever grateful. 

Because this has to happen. 

I mean, I even bought some pretty new shoes, the most sensible ones I could find, just for this event. 

Maybe this will explain things better. 

I have entitled this: A Girl With Too Much Time On Her Hands Who Is Only Kidding (Kind Of)

I was headed up to NEW YORK when my Hubs suddenly had a DESIRE to see that famous country town all decked out in SILVER AND GOLD cowboy rhinestone bling. THE CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS with a higher ELEVATION than the flat lands of Florida beckoned to me and that man, us with our TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE sweet, enduring marriage and our band of beautiful BABYFACE daughters. Sadly, that man has had to say, on more than one occasion to some of our MAGNIFICENT girls: DADDY'S GONNA PAY FOR YOUR CRASHED CAR. And because he has been such a patient father and since a household of estrogen can sometimes be SO CRUEL on a solitary man and since he usually has to throw his hands up in bafflement on a daily basis when dealing with all of our estrogen driven MYSTERIOUS WAYS, I figured I owed him this ONE.  

And so on a SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY with a fierce, Florida ELECTRICAL STORM  that kept threatening to down my computer, I practically got VERTIGO in my haste to make our vacation plans. I do my best to plan us vacations with A BEAUTIFUL DAY or two or ten. It was a stressful job trying to find the right place to stay. And I was a little bit of a BAD MOFO, going all mercenary, GLORIA Allred style, on my family if they dared to bug me while I tearfully complained, I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR. After trying to figure out 40 million options, I felt like I WAS STUCK IN A MOMENT YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF. And so I turned to Frommers because SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN. Frommers was instrumental in being my ULTRAVIOLET, helping me (LIGHT MY WAY) to the Hutton Hotel. 

And so I whooped and hollered to my family, GET ON YOUR BOOTS and let's WALK ON over to Nashville. I'll bring my nav system because sometimes, when traveling, we find ourselves utterly lost. It's almost like we're in a town WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME and I WILL FOLLOW my hubs anywhere, but when he's counting on me to be the navigator instead of the follower, I am like a KITE just drifting aimlessly and then we fight loud enough to WAKE UP a DEAD MAN but we always make up because LOVE IS BLINDNESS or in this case, the wife is Map Blindness and completely helpless when trying to find our way.

But then I discovered, that close to the 4TH OF JULY, the SWEETEST THING was happening IN GOD'S COUNTRY. A ZOOROPA madness was descending upon this city like it always does when U2 arrives and LOVE COMES TO TOWN. I was about to get ONE STEP CLOSER to meeting the other man, besides my hubs, that I will love UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD. I was so excited, but then an UNKNOWN CALLER told me I had to STAY FAR AWAY yet SO CLOSE and I almost THREW A BRICK THROUGH A WINDOW in my frustration. 

And as you, Jesus, are my witness, I will be an ACROBAT, contorting myself in every direction to make this happen. Because listening to Bono and the boys on my iPod is in no way EVEN BETTER THAN THE REAL THING. And I feel like this is A SORT OF HOMECOMING. That after all of my years of total devotion with this UNFORGETTABLE FIRE that burns within me, I will finally get my chance to say to Bono, "HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME, but don't KILL ME because I can't live WITH OR WITHOUT YOU."

I mean, I'm such a fan of Bono and U2, I've probably spent enough greenbacks on U2 paraphernalia to fund the Times Square clean up on NEW YEAR'S DAY. 

Here's just a sampling of my stash. And I do mean a sampling. There's a lot more where that came from and that special Red iPod is a U2 iPod filled with probably every song they've ever made. 


So, IF GOD WOULD SEND HIS ANGELS and help a semi-crazed, but totally safe and non-stalkerish girl, I would be forever grateful, YAHWEH. Because seriously, if this moment in time, the moment that is sure to be my destiny, doesn't turn out the way it rightfully should and I am not there at that concert, screaming at the top of my lungs and more importantly, hanging out in the Hutton Hotel where this man might just be, I think I'LL GO CRAZY IF I DON'T GO CRAZY TONIGHT, trying to make this happen. 

And Bono, IF YOU want me to WEAR THAT VELVET DRESS to the concert, I will. I'll be mighty hot and sweaty in velvet, but so will you, in those leather pants of yours that make me all crazy and wanting to know, WHO'S GONNA RIDE YOUR WILD HORSES? 

And just so you know, I'm passionate about horses, the wilder the better. 

And in closing, dearest Bono, I have to tell you, the number one thing on my bucket list? ALL I WANT IS YOU pulling me up on that stage and SLOW DANCING with me. I know this letter makes it look like I have too much time on my hands and no PRIDE, but it's all IN THE NAME OF LOVE, since that very first moment when I heard, "Your eyes make a circle, I see you when I go in there." I knew then, I WILL FOLLOW you for the rest of my days. You and your leather pants. 


Your biggest fan and President (I think) of the U2 fan club, 

Joann AKA Bono's Girl

Today's Definite Download: Well, come on now, what did you THINK I was going to say. "With Or Without You" by U2. Not necessarily because of that song, but because of this. 

With Or Without You, traditionally is the song where Bono pulls that one lucky girl up on stage. You'll be shocked to know I have this concert DVD filmed in Boston, along with many others, and every time I watch this, I almost faint for that girl. How she kept her composure with Bono lying there next to her, I'll never know. 

But watch, enjoy and pray hard for me next week—that I get concert tickets, that the Hutton Hotel will rain down their hospitality on me and let me stay that one extra night, that this will be my moment, the moment I get to say, "Hi Bono, IreallyloveyourleatherpantsandcanyoutakeapicturewithmeandcanIbekissingyouduringtheshot? And for the love of all things Edge, please pick me for that dance!"

And most importantly, pray that my hubs does not come home with a disturbingly large belt buckle. It's been enough of a burden that he wears shirts covered in a rustic fish print. We cannot add cowboy belt buckles to the mix. 

I'll see you soon. Hopefully, with scandalous tales to tell. 


Noelle said...

I love and adore you Joann and if had any power at all I would make this happen for you.

This was one of my all time favorite posts...and I'm just curious how long it took you to write it. :)

good luck!!!

Noelle said...

PS. If my comment says 'anonymous', I'm going to divorce blogger forever.

Unknown said...

can't um, you just refuse to check out?

I have heard the eviction process is a slow moving one.

Is that a BABY U2 Onesie? i'm a tad confused by that.

I bet ya you'll get in. I betcha. If any one can...

Unknown said...

I have my fingers, legs, and eyes crossed that this happens for you. I don't know anyone this crazy about any musician!!!! Good luck!

twelvedaysold said...


Girl. Grrrrrl. Srsly.

I like Bono. He seems like a really cool dude. But that's kind of where it's stayed at. No major emotions of love/hate for the dude, but I think he seems like a really nice person.

But DAMN could he be any hotter seducing that woman in that video? I'm kind of flabbergasted.

I hope your vacation dream comes true and everything works out!

My opinion of Bono will never be the same. Thanks for enlightening me.

Rainyday said...

It will happen. I'm a firm believer in fate and baby, no one else is as fated as you are to be there. It will happen. And I can't wait to hear the story behind it when it does!

Cari said...

YEEEEHAAAA! How exciting! It is certainly meant to be, and this is all happening with no room in the inn so it will make an amazing story when in the end you meet Bono. I feel it in my bones. I'm from Tennessee, grew up in Knoxville actually. Jolie must be a transplant from some other state...the nerve. Have a glorious vacation!

Unknown said...

Ok, so I loved your comment(s) over at la duva's Absolutely Narcissism.

That got me reading your profile and I love reading those and seeing similar books and movies that I love...then I got to the music.
And thought, well, it's ok not to be all the same... ; )

Then I read this. Hilariously told. Long as all get out, but worth the time.

I so very hope you get your stay!

Can't wait to poker around here.

PS your blog design is beautiful.

Alison said...

Joann, I'm crossing all my body parts in hope you'll get to go to the concert.

I, too, pink puffy heart me some U2.

I hear sleeping in cars is not that bad. ;)

Missy @ Wonder, Friend said...

My favorite: "The only difference is, we have to hold our boobs when we're jumping."

If anyone can make this happen, you can. I cannot wait to hear the tales, because I know they're going to be good, good, good.

(And the shoes? Hot.)

Stephanie said...

Those are The. Best. Shoes. Ever! Hope you get to wear them while dancing with Bono :)

Baby Sister said...

Oh you crack me up Joann. I really really really hope you get what you're looking for. Cause goodness knows, when a girl still hasn't found what she's looking for, that's pretty bad. :) I loved this!!

Tracie Nall said...

If I had any pull, any strings, any favors owed to me at the Hutton Hotel I would arrange a room for you (near your beloved Bono), but sadly, I do not have those things.

I believe though, that your "I can talk my way into anywhere" husband will prevail. Just remind him that the whole internet is counting on him so that we can read (and see video and pictures!) of your time onstage with "With Or Without You" and Bono. Because that is SO what needs to happen!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Dear God, at least get a late check out! Just wear your snuggie and sleep in the lobby. I'm sure they have comfy sofas.
Have a great time. I suspect you will worm your way in. I have faith in you. You wouldn't let us down.

The Furry Godmother said...

First, you MUST eat a ginaormous breakfast at the Loveless Cafe. It's to die for.

And you could always spend you last night at the Opryland Hotel. It's a hoot of kitschyness. Wear your rhinestones and just experience the shallow depth of it.

Kimberly said...

I would totally dry hump Bono if I could. Love him...I mean them. I have never seen them in concert...gasp...I know, I'm missing out. That's why you have to go so that I can live vicariously through you and your gyrating thighs. Wait this just got weird didn't it?
I will keep my fingers crossed for you my friend. Don't lose the dream.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I am exhausted and exhilarated by your tale - awesome job! I hope you guys have a blast in Nashville, I just know you will meet up with someone famous and have some kind of adventure; I just hope that man is Bono!

The Lady's Lounge said...

I'm going to join a church and start a "get her to the stadium" prayer circle. Who's in?

JoAnna said...

i went to college in nashville and i am a little partial to it. this hutton hotel is new and VERY swanky. but there are many others nearby that you could stay in for the extra night. and you could just sort of ummm, hang around, in the lonny of the hutton. and still have your bono moment.

Judie said...

Oh, sweet Jesus! You are going to Tennessee? O.k, It really is beautiful there--the Cumberland Valley is gorgeous, and so are the mountains--but just what do you plan to do besides go to outlet malls?? Are you going to Memphis (my old home-town)? If you go to Graceland, please don't tell anyone that you know me. We avoided that place for 17 years. When friends came to visit and wanted to see Elvis' home, we rented a car and disguises and drove them there. We parked across the street and told them we would pick them up in one hour.

If you go to Beale Street, please visit the Police Museum. You just might see a mug shot of someone you know from the past.

When you get back, then we can catch up.

CBJohnson said...

OBVIOUSLY you've seen the Live in Boston DVD? The song (I can't remember which one off the top of my head) where he pulls a chick out of the audience and lays on the ground (stage) with her and sings. SWOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Anonymous said...

Joann, it is totally going to happen. Your Bonokarma will kick in, I have not doubt. I can't wait to hear about it.

Julie said...

I am jumping up and down for you (while holding my boobs of course).

I just KNOW you will work some magic.

It will happen.

Just keep "hanging on. You're all that's left to hold on to...."

(I love Red Hill Mining Town. It never gets played, but it's awesome. "I'm still waiting.")

Those shoes must be worn. The boobs must be held.

The Bonoliever must be satisfied.

You've earned it. And then some.

Good luck, lady. Own Nashville.

Nancy Hinchliff said...

You are I just love this!. Didn't finish the whole post but will definitely be back to do so. Cant' wait!!

Cheeseboy said...

I have nowhere to start with this story. You have incredible U2 luck, karma, whatever you want to call it. You know, if you really want to meet Bono, you have to drive up in Canada and be a hockey player and pick up hitch hikers.

BTW, I hate THE SWEETEST THING. Worst U2 song ever.

ErinFromIowa said...

I put your impassioned plea on my tumblr. Never know who's eye it might catch. I read or heard the other day that luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If that is true things are looking good for you.

Nancy Hinchliff said...

Thanks for commenting on my comment. I love Bono too. Maybe you should take Cheeseboy's advice: "drive up in Canada and be a hockey player and pick up hitch hikers." funny.

Drop by and check out my writer's blog sometime:

Unknown said...

I was starting to question your devotion. What's this business of hotels? If you were truly a fan, you'd sleep in your car and plug your hair dryer in the cigarette lighter. ;-)

ErinFromIowa said...

What we need is a viral YouTube. Then Joann would get interviewed either by a entertainment show or even one of those mock and make fun of people shows! One of Bono's people sees it and Bob says your uncle Joann is in!

I do not understand the ...if you really want to meet Bono, you have to drive up in Canada and be a hockey player and pick up hitch hikers... train of thought?

What Lady Jennie said was hilarious!

Lora said...

they are my favorite too--we bought our tickets the day they came out!

first of all, welcome in advance to my turf.

secondly, i unfortunately have no strings at hutton. but i'll see if any of my strings have strings.
(it's booked up because of so many of us locals staying there for post-concert. no, not us. a lives within walking distance of the stadium)

thirdly, i can likely help you with the ticket situation. i've seen several GOOD seats that friends of mine are trying to sell on facebook. i use 'friends' very loosely, as no true friend of mine would EVER miss the U2 concert unless it was a true emergency and they couldn't POSSIBLY know that already.
i'm just sayin.

so...i can do some digging on the ticket situation if you don't want to take your chances on the night of.
and i'll drop some feelers about hh.
but don't count on anything there :-)

Liz said...

I hope you get tickets, have a fabulous time and maybe even "run into" Bono somewhere along the way.

I bet if you meet him, he'll have you sit in his lap. :)

Suniverse said...

I've got nothing except the fondest, greatest hope that you are going to get to stay one extra day and enjoy Bono [and also slip Larry Mullen, Jr., my phone number. We need to hook up. NOW.]

Shell said...

You must meet Bono. He's totally missing out, my friend.

And I love your long tales- I feel the need to come raid your wine cellar and your closet and sit on your patio so we can tell our stories in person.

Even though this comment makes me sound like a total stalker. xo

Nicki said...

You crack me the hell up! First of all, I love that your definition of "brief" is slightly different than mine! My post would have been a little briefer.

"Dear God, get me the damn room, will ya?

Your daughter, Nicki"

Second, "except we have to hold our boobs." No doubt!!!!!! And I have to hold mine for an additional minute after jumping due to things still sloshing and settling back in place!

Third, I realllllllly hope you get to stay at the hotel another night and you see the Angelina Doberman and throw a raw-hide right into her big hair and you know it will stay because Aqua Net will hold anything!!!

In Oprah's name,

Alexandra said...



HOW in the world can we make his happen??

I can feel your want for this.

It's extremely frustrating, this can't get what we want stuff.

It wouldn't be right, if you don't get your heart's desire.

Things just wouldn't be right.

Mom vs. the boys said...

well, you probably don't want to hear this and will shocked beyond belief but I actually have never listened to U2 and the Hubster (gasp) doesn't like them - don't hit me!! lol but guess who has two tickets to a U2 concert in box seats??? yup, us! lol it just happened that we had the opp from Hubsters work. we are wondering if it's worth getting a babysitter - don't hit me again! lol

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