A New Party Dress
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Taa-Daa! Time to shake it up around here.

I'm not a girl who likes to stay in the same outfit for too long, unless it's my jammies. But, unlike Kip, Napoleon's brother, I do not love technology.

I love technology sound bite

So, about a month ago, I went perusing the blog designer aisles of the world wide web. I knew I'd found the right guy when I discovered a design business called Badass Geek. The name alone made me want to be his friend. 

I contacted Michael of http://badassdesigns.blogspot.com/ and we started working out a design. I wanted vintage, laundry and sassy.

Michael got to work on a design. 

But, to really understand the process we went through, I will replicate our e-mail correspondence for you. 

Me:  Hi Mike, 

I've picked out the colors you've asked for, but I really couldn't decide on one, because I'm totally insecure about my decorating in any way. I'm just no good at it, kind of like the technology thing. So anywhoo, I narrowed it down to 53 color wheels. Can you just pick one for me? Because, I'm also really bad at making decisions. Seriously. I can not ever make my mind up between the veal and the Chilean Sea Bass. I always make the waiter decide for me. 

So, for my blog. I'm looking for a retro feel. I love the boob design you have on your site. That boob one is great. I love the look of a vintage girl in my blog. I'd also like to use the color blue. Blue reminds me of laundry for some reason. I'd also like to express my deep hatred for laundry. I like girlie. And I'd like the use of cocktails in my blog. I like twinkle and stars and I would like to feel that I'm been put in a time machine and sent back to the 1950's or early 60's before the hippies spread free love and venereal disease around the planet. I would like all of that with the use of cocktails. 

Just so you know, I explained this to my sister last night in the same fashion and she said, "If you tell him just like that, he's going to think you're a super freak."

Michael, please be assured I am not a super freak. I'm not even a freak. 

So, let me know if this will work for you. Thanks!

And Michael replied:

Okay, I think I get what you were looking for. I've worked out a design here. Let me know what you think.

Notice he did not acknowledge the freak thing. 

Me, after seeing the test header. 


I really love the whole retro, Dick and Jane feel of things. I love it so much. Just a few things, can we change the colors? I'm not sure to what, but just more vivid or perhaps duller? You decide. Also, can you put in some cocktails and change the shape of the ladies face and lose the background and actually, the entire scene and can you get rid of her top and give her a more summery look and also a little less Dick and Jane? I'd like it to have a lot less Dick. What do you think? Hmmm? Also, I'm not a super-freak, just so you know. 

And Michael replies:

I'll try to make some changes, but I'm quite limited to what I can do with these prints. I've searched around for something that might better fit what you're looking for. I've enclosed a new header for you to look at. 

Still no heads up or down on the super freak thing. 


Ohhhhh! So, you're not actually drawing on your screen with paints and shading pencils, making my header through some magical computer, like an Etch a Sketch? Ohhhh, gotcha. Cause I thought you were, you know, drawing on your computer screen. 

All right then. No, I don't want that new header. Sorry. It doesn't work for me. What else ya got? Still not a freak in any way. 

And here's Michael:

I've enclosed a new header I've worked on for you. Let me know if anything like this is doable. I'll be glad to keep looking, if this one won't work. 


Ummm, yeah, still not working for me. I'm just not sure. Can you come up with something else? FYI, there is no freakiness going on here. I'll know it, when I see it. 


No problem. I've enclosed 10 more images for you to look at. See if any of these might fit your look. 


Still not feelin' it, babe. What else ya got? Like I said, I might SEEM freaky, but if you knew me, really knew me, you would see that I am not. 


I've enclosed another 25 images. If these won't work for you, perhaps we should look at your blog from another angle and see if we can find another way to capture what you're looking for. 

A month later. A month of Michael patiently trying to find my look. 


Hiiii! Hey, you know what, don't kill me or anything, but you know that second image you sent me, back on Jan 2? Well, I've decided I LOVE that one. It's everything I want in a blog design.Thanks for finding those 5,326 other designs, but yeah that second one you showed me, it is absolutely perfect. Whatya say, Michael? I am no freak. 


You're the boss. I'll have a header design ready for you by the end of the day. 


Thanks, Michael! I knew you'd find me the perfect look. Still not being a freak, just so you know. 

So here it is, my new party dress. Send your little mouse over the buttons at the top and you'll see my cocktails. I love my new look. It's tongue and cheek, sassy, vintage, boozey, girlie and blue— all me. I hope you like it, too, Internet.  

Oh, and if you don't? My mother always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Let's keep to that, shall we? Because, I am very sensitive and I'll cry all day if you don't like it. Seriously, ask my sister. She's the one who has to deal with this freak-ass whenever my blog gets criticized. 

Michael of http://badassdesigns.blogspot.com/ is the absolute best—talented and professional and so easy to work with. I'll tell you a little secret: He just might have thought I was a super freak. In fact, I'm pretty sure he did, but he never let on, not once and he never showed an ounce of impatience with me, something my craphead family doesn't give me the courtesy of when we're ordering at a restaurant. I hate them. 

Check out Michael's designs at his site, http://badassdesigns.blogspot.com . His "Bacon Is My Lover" header is the schizz. If you need a new design and you're on the short bus of technology, he's your man. I gotta run. Once again, he is patiently waiting for me on the other line to get me up and going. See ya!

Today's Download: Sam Cooke's "Try A Little Tenderness".  "Oh, she may be weary. Women do get wearied, wearing that same old shaggy dress. And, oh, when she gets weary, try a little tenderness."

For Michael, thank you for your patience and your tenderness with my freakadelic self. I love my new dress!


Mrs. Ohtobe said...

I love the new banner! And freaky people are why I quit doing web & graphic design - not that you are one of those types....not at all....nope...not you! ;)

ProudSister said...

Love it! Poor Michael & poor me. I implore everyone to NOT say anything negative. I think its perfect!

Kelly said...

I like it! And you may not know what you want but you definitely know what you don't want. I'm the same way, I may not be able to tell you egg-zackly what I'm looking for but I can tell what is a big, fat DON'T. And I'm not a freak either. So there.

Lisa said...

A. I LOVE the new look. It's perfect!
B. WHO would ever criticize your blog? It's perfect too!
C. You won't believe this...but back when I was in 5th grade that song "Super Freak" came out. Remember that? I can't remember who sang it now. Anyway, some bratty little kid decided to call ME Super Freak. So that became my nickname. I hated it. To this day I have no idea why he started calling me SuperFreak, but it took off and soon everyone was calling me SuperFreak. I. Hated. It. Stupid Bratty Chris Bernardo.

Just thought you'd enjoy that little trip down memory lane. So...you're NOT a superfreak. I am.

ANASHD said...

I'm a new follower (from Bye Bye Pie) and I for one love your blog style. It looks fabulous on you!!
(was that positive enough, sister?)

Joann Mannix said...

Thanks everrrbody! I really appreciate it. And I think we should all be proud and own it, if we are, you know, freaks. "She's a very freaky girl. The kind you don't take home to motherrrr." I'm gonna own that. In fact, my mother-in-law, I'm pretty sure felt that way at one time. But after 20 somethin' years, we're all good. She realizes I'm not going anywhere, so she has to be nice to me.

Anonymous said...

She's all right, she's all right, that girls all right with me, yeah, he-he-he
She's a super freak, super freak, she's super freaky, yeow

Love it! Super Cute you Super Freak!

Lisa said...

Rick James!! Right?

And that just made me realize that that WASN'T the song....IT WAS "FREAK-OUT"....and I'm not even a blonde.

...and now I have THAT song running through my head!

Anonymous said...

The Secret is in the Sauce is a great way to get your blog name out there. I'm not too sure about the button. I just copy and pasted mine into my blog. I had to add html or something like that. Can you still mess with your layout? If so: go to add a gadget, pick html java script, then you should be able to paste the button there. That's how I did it. Hope that works!

Joann Mannix said...

Thanks, Joanna. I figured it out. I actually was using a shortcut to copy and paste on my mac, but I hadn't picked up the whole code when I highlighted it to copy. Duh. Kind of goes along with a post I had recently. But, thanks!

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