The Trash of Reality
Friday, April 3, 2009
I'm not a big TV watcher. There's no TV on at all, during the day at our house.  The rule is after 8:00, TVs can be powered up. I am shamefully ignorant when it comes the culture of mainstream TV. I know nothing of Grey's Anatomy, Lost or 24. Often, I feel like a doofus when I admit this to people. To make things worse, when I do watch the telly, it is usually reality TV that's callin' my name.

Yes I'll admit, I have the taste of a Jerry Springer guest when it comes to TV shows. Well, except for The Office and 30 Rock- two brilliant shows. 

But, for the most part, I'm caught up in all the drama of the Housewives of OC, New York, Atlanta. And I wait with tingling excitement. The New Jersey Housewives are coming!!!!!! And if there's one thing I know about New Jersey, I know these women are going to be screaming train-wrecks of fabulosity and I can not WAIT!

I also have great, great love for my Idol. And my other two passions, Project Runway and Top Chef. 

That's it, the length and breadth of my taste in viewing. Embarrassing, Yes. But, I'm loud and proud of my love for my trailer trash taste in shows. 

I've stumbled upon another gem of reality. I loved it so much, I wanted to share. It's a new show called, "I Get That A Lot." The premise is genius. Celebrities are put in regular working jobs, pretending to be Everyday Joe. They ham it up big time, engaging with the customers, doing their jobs poorly and if they're told, "You look like...." They say, "I'm not, but I get that a lot." 

They've got Jeff Probst from Survivor, cashiering in a grocery store. A goofball with all the customers, even opening up one dude's water that he's about to purchase and taking a sip.

Jessica Simpson as a computer tech. Genius!  Ice-T selling athletic shoes. Leeann Rimes in a diner. Mario Lopez in a wife-beater, selling hot dogs from a stand right off of Central Park.

And my personal favorite, Heidi Klum in a pizza shop. After watching her at work, I now know why she is Midas Girl, turning everything to gold with a touch of her lovely, long fingers. She was brilliant in her pizza-girl performance. I couldn't stop laughing all day.  If you want to see Heidi at her best, check it out on Youtube- I Get That A Lot. 

Today's Have To Download: David Cook's new song, "Come Back To Me." He sang it on Idol the other night and it is David Cook delicious. I knew he wouldn't let us down, a real talent who used the Idol stage as his platform. In the words of the infinite sage Paula Abdul, "I love me some David Cook."

Now, with Megan Joy gone, we're starting to get down to the real business of things. I was one of Megan's few fans. Not only was she stunning, she had a really different vibe. She was kind of awkward for the Idol crowd, but I think she'll find some little alternative band and make a name for herself.

All we need now, is to dump Scott Macintyre and we'll have a real competition.

Forgive me, I know I will burn in hell for this, but I knew this guy would be a problem from the get-go. I was yelling at the TV  during Hollywood week when the judges put him through. Yes, I know he's blind, but the man is cheese-a-roni on a stick! I was over his schlock the first time I heard it and the judges were all, "You're blind! You're blind! We love you, Scott!" 

NO, NO, NO, NO!  I am very sorry Scott is blind and I'm very impressed with his piano skills, but...Hubby nailed it on the head when we were watching him the other night. Scott was doing his same sort of 70's number, in his same sort of sunshine and rainbows arrangement, when Hubby proclaimed, "He's Greg Brady!" And he is! He's Greg Brady and Johnny Bravo, in a blind package. I'm sorry. I really mean no disrespect. But, I knew this would happen. That he would ride this blind thing, getting the "Oh, he's so brave" vote and all the blind people's votes. He's still there, undeservedly with a calibre of contestants that are well beyond him. The judges haven't been happy with him for weeks and all I keep saying to them, as I yell at my TV screen is, "You did this, Simon. You did this!"

My picks for top 3- Danny Gokey (love him), Adam Lambert (I'm not a lover of his flamboyancy, but the boy has got some impressive, goosebumps on the arms, pipes) and our splendid dark horse, Kris Allen. Not only is he a cutie patootie, his "Ain't No Sunshine" last week was our favorite. I used to be in Danny's corner, but I'm really rooting for both these boys now. But, I will say it again, Greg Brady has to go! He's as distracting as Sanjaya for me. God Help Me. My apologies to blind people, everywhere.

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