I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
My daughter reminded me that it was here in my beloved city that I experienced one of the most memorable firsts of my life.


Sweet, dark, beloved, Mother's Little Helper. How on earth had all my friends not let me in on this little secret? I was 40 years old and a coffee virgin. Six brothers and sisters and not a one of us drank the Jamba Juice.

I couldn't snap out of my jet lag a few years back and My Hubby made me drink a cup of coffee and....Hello World! Coffee became my instant answer to legal crack. I can't imagine life now without my morning juice. My siblings and other healthy, stupid people say they don't drink it because of the awful taste of coffee. Here's my answer to that: Do heroin addicts jack up because they like the feel of hypodermic needles in their veins? No, no, they do not. They do it for the high, for that ultra euphoric feeling. It's the same theme. No one likes that mud water the first time they drink it, it's the Wham, Yeah I'm Up For This Day, Bring it ON feeling.

Coffee, coffee, my sweet love.

We wrapped up our San Francisco days with a big bout of fun.

The Ferry Building and its Marketplace are some of my favorite places in this city. I'm from the Land of Strawberries and these California fruits were works of art.....

We also noticed this sign at the market place. We really didn't understand the need to state the obvious...

Until we saw this.....

I found that no matter where we go or how much fun we're having, this is always happening with my daughters....

I also found that these two are clones, clones, like no other. Really not fair, since I did all the work on this creation.... 

I found that there is never a situation where the O-Dawg won't pose for the camera.

Except when public transportation is involved, something she abhors...

I found that my other girl is ready to take on the world. So ready, that she pretends to not know us with our cameras around our neck, geeking up the tourist act. She always walks ahead, pretending at 14 that she owns the city, which she will, sooner than I am ready.....

That same girl reminded us the whole time we were in the city that she'd been waiting 3 YEARS for her favorite burger only found in these parts.....

We ate our burgers, sitting on the green velvety grass, overlooking the bay, enjoying this gorgeous scenery...

We then ventured up  to Ghiradelli Square where the air smells like chocolate.  There we met some new friends, Dan and Nikki....

When The Hubby found out Dan's a big somethin', somethin' with Go Daddy and Mac, I thought I might just be replaced.

A friendly conversation turned into dinner with our new friends and a tour of some our favorite parts of this town.  Fun was had by all.....

Well, almost.....
There was a fake Prada stamp that fell off a certain purse that caused this.

Our final day was spent biking through the city....
Notice, the one who takes off their helmet for the picture.

We went up over the Golden Gate, strong, tough girls on their bikes. A fabulous time was had by all...

Well, you guessed it....

Once, we were able to take the helmet off and redo the hair...things got a LOT better.

I'm not finished. Just you wait. More vacation pictures to come. We'll see how many more meltdowns we can capture.

Today's Must Have Download: The Weepies, "World Spins Madly On." Just because it's been on my Ipod. Just because no matter how much I try to stop time and keep these girls at my side, the world does just that. Beautiful song for beautiful times.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out the awesome use of jacked up!!! Also, how ghetto Julia is on her bike ride and how much her and Bill really do look alike!!! Also, tell Tori congrats on finally getting her burger, the one she always begged for you guys to bring back to her. Tell O-dawg, she has an awesome name and that her melt downs are awfully enjoyable in pictures. Have fun you guys and I'll see you when you get back!! :]


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