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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Back again. After a lovely afternoon at a few of our favorite wineries, (St Supery, Charles Krug) and some Campfire Pie that my girls, after tasting for the first time, pronounced the best dessert ever, we headed out to Tahoe for one long-ass, precariously curvy with scary drop-offs, drive.

We're safe in our condo and we have wireless! So, even though I am bone weary from watching The Hubby drive and pretending to be actively looking for deer that might jump in front of our car, forcing us to veer off the road and into a deadly, violent plunge, (I was really turning my head to just-the-right position so he couldn't see my eyelids slamming shut and my mouth lolling open as I snuck in a few winks), I thought I'd give you just a few more shots for your viewing enjoyment. Next, I'm bringing out the slide show!

Here's the homeless gent who was singing a jaunty tune to the trash can as we strolled by.

And here's the O-Dawg and my baby, terribly unappreciative of his singing abilities.

We came across this sculpture, a really beautiful, detailed work of art depicting, what looked like, the history of Chinatown. The Hubby went to take a picture of the sculpture and this is what happened....

We took the girls over to the Golden Gate Park. The Botanical Gardens there are glorious, especially for us tropical folks who rarely get to see anything but brown grass and scrub palms.
The most beautiful part of the Garden.....

Victoria decided she couldn't let her big sister win America's Next Top Model....
I'd say she gave her a run for her money.

We noticed the squirrels were following the O-Dawg. At one point, she had about six of them trailing her like a pack of puppies, just a few feet behind her. One little guy followed her all the way through the park, which is really weird, we all decided, because O-Dawg hates everyone and everything. But for some reason she loved the squirrels and they thought she was Snow White. She would turn and say in this high-pitched voice, "Are you coming?" And out they would all scurry, trailing her as if she were the Queen Rodent Squirrel.

And finally, for no apparent reason we decided, spur of the moment, to take these really curious pictures of ourselves. We're thinking of sending them out as a montage on our Christmas cards. We're also trying to convince The Hubby to post his picture to his Facebook profile. It would give people something to talk about.
We are a strange lot.

That's all the pictures I'll bore you with tonight. Until tomorrow and the next adventure....

Today's Do It Download: How about a little Queen Latifah, "California Dreamin." Man, I'm so glad that girl decided to dabble in jazz. There is a reason she's the Queen and she does a bang up job on the Mammas and Papas remake. Try a little Queen and dream about this land of wine and flowers.

1 comment:

allie said...

the photos are infectious in bringing smiles. how fun!

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