The Post Where I Force My Vacation Pictures On You
Monday, June 15, 2009
 We've been on vacation this week. Yes, up to my other town On the Baaayyy. We're doing a big Northern California trip with the girls and since I've been running around for the past week, snatching up fake bags, riding trolley cars, eating delish gourmet delicacies, and watching my children have the time of their lives, I haven't been able to sandwich in any blogging. And now The Hubby's gone off to get the rental car. I'm SUPPOSED to be packing, so instead of a lot of words, you, lucky reader, will get a slice of our time here in San Francisco through pictures.

I hope to blog again, but since we're headed up to Tahoe and Yosemite, I'm not sure how good the wireless connections will be. If you don't hear from me for the next week, hang on, I'll be back with tales to tell, along with illustrated pictures.

So, here we are after a long, long flight, waiting for our luggage, no worse for the wear.

Well....most of us.

Here are my littlest and I, waiting outside the Apple Store or in the Hubby's eyes, The Place of All Godly Things. Julia and I can only take so much techie, hipster folks and their common love for all things Apple, before we start to feel a little antsy. The Hubby would sleep there if he could.  The Hubby couldn't contain himself. The Apple Convention was in town and since he couldn't wrangle an invite to the unveiling of the new I-phone, he watched it live on his Mac Computer. It speaks volumes about him.

Here's the O-Dawg, happy again. And why, you ask? Because she has just been gifted with her graduation present, a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Of course, we had to come to San Fran to get it, because it's so new on the market, they didn't have it in our part of town. 

I am surrounded by techie nerds.

I wonder how long it will take before she loses it or drops it into a tub of water. We're taking bets. Notice the America's Next Top Model pose. This will be a recurring theme throughout the pictorial.

Like I said...Can you say, take a picture of me, Dad!

Oh-oh. Hubby's back and ready to roll. I'll finish the pictorial blog later. Lots of fun, bike riding over the Golden Gate, lots of America's Next Top Model poses, many fantastic meltdown photos, and fabulous, fabulous fun. Check back in soon for vacation photos. I'll think of you as I'm sipping wine and hiking in the mountains...not together, of course, well...Bella Zinfandel DOES go great with fresh air and wildflowers. See you soon!

No Download today. IPod's packed and Hubby is READY TO GO! See ya!

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