I Am Enough And I'm Telling You All About My Enoughness
Friday, January 13, 2012

Is everyone back to their normal routine? Kids back in school? Holiday trappings put away? Is your life settling back down nicely?

Me? Not so much. I'm still waiting for the routine to kick in. I'm hoping it's next week. In the meantime, I've been running around yelling at my family, "Can we get back to normal around here?"

It's not asking much, especially since my normal isn't, you know, normal. 

My college girl didn't return to school until a few days ago and so I am now picking up the debris from the eye of the hurricane. She is a Cat 5. Seriously. The other day I was rummaging through the pen drawer in my kitchen desk or as I refer to it, the dead pen graveyard. I didn't find a working pen, but I did find my daughter's underwear. When I held them up to her in question, she simply said, "Hey, I was looking for those!"

My kids went back to school, only to face exams and so half days have been the norm instead of the exception. 

And my Christmas tree is still up. 

Granted, it has no ornaments, but it sits there, bare-assed, occupying a huge corner of my family room. 

My hubs claims he's "still enjoying Christmas." Or in other words, he doesn't feel like grunting and cussing right now as he drags it up to the attic. 

I'm thinking of keeping it as part of our decor. 

But there is one thing that's gotten back to normal around here and that's my blogging. Yay!

I am honored and simply thrilled to be the guest poster today at the fabulous blog, Just. Be. Enough. 

Just Be Enough.  What a noble message to women everywhere. As women and especially as mothers, there is this bar that is set incredibly high. And that bar isn't necessarily society's standard. It's a hard-reaching, sometimes almost unattainable standard we place on ourselves. Their message is empowering and exactly what more of us need to see, to feel. Just. Be. Enough. 

I'm over there today talking about my journey from June Cleaver to here, the writer girl hunched over the keyboard for most of the day. I'd love for you to stop by and give the fabulous Elena and her team some big love for such a splendid endeavor, creating a blog that wraps its arms around every woman and actually every person no matter their age or sex, with their message that we are extraordinary creatures, that we are enough. 


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

We can be our own worst enemy. I'm not sure that will ever go away. I need to work on it and get back to my daily affirmations.

Unknown said...

Going over to check it out, now.

Ducky said...

Hang some heart garland on it...it can be your valentine's day tree which buys you a good 4 more weeks ;-)

Tess Julia said...

Oh my god! I have a category 5 daughter too. She's 11, and by the time I've cleaned up one room, she's coordinated her 5 y/o sister into helping her destroy the remaining ones. As a result my job never ends. By the way, you are a good writer! I would totally buy your book!

Julie said...

My dining room is still an explosion of Christmas. I took things down and piled them there then went away for two weekends in a row thereby missing my opportunity to put everything away into its proper box.

Which I'm sure doesn't make you feel much better since I'm hardly the setter of "high bars" when it comes to housekeeping.


There is a certain beauty in letting shit like that go. (And using the words "shit" and "beauty" in the same sentence.)

Life is short.
And the tree and the panties will be in their proper places soon enough.

Or not.

Either way, you're more than enoughness.


LisaPie said...


You are a treasure and I am proud to bloggily know you!

karen said...

My only daughter is a powerful force herself. The chaos surrounding her is so extraordinary that I wince when she wants to visit. I much prefer going to her so I can escape to a neat and tidy hotel room when I need to.
But now I'm off to Just.Be.Enough. It sounds like just what I need today. Glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

My grandkids are all slobs.
Drives me insane.
am off to visit the blog now.
Lots of love.

Cap'n Salty said...

Tell Hubs that Epiphany was Jan. 6, the wise men have come and went, the tree needs to go too. Haha!

My Inner Chick said...

**My hubs claims he's "still enjoying Christmas." Or in other words, he doesn't feel like grunting and cussing right now as he drags it up to the attic**

Haaa, that sounds like a man.

Nice to see you back. x

Jerry said...

Yesterday we got the tree in the attic. But there are ornaments piled up on the living room sofa. Later.

Well, we do have get them put up in time to get them down for next Christmas.

Mom vs. the boys said...

my husband likes to keep christmas up longer than most too. lazy I tell ya.

Rebecca Grace said...

I have a solution! Make an Executive Decision that, now that we're post-Epiphany and Christmas is OFFICIALLY OVER, that the bare-ass tree is now a Laundry Tree. Adorn it with the bras, panties, and dirty socks you find lying around the house. Ta-da! You don't have to WASH the laundry anymore, you just hang it on the laundry tree and "Enjoy the SEASON of Laundry."

cjschlottman@hotmail.com said...

I only put up one piece of Christmas Tacky, and it's still where I put it two days before Christmas.

I'm headed over to Just Be. Enough right now.


Judie said...

I don't want to make you feel bad, but our house was back in order by New Year's Eve. Joey, Aimee, and the twins were here for almost a week, and while we adored having them here, we needed to get our nest back in order asap! I still am not into my groove, however. I hate it when that happens! It will come, though!


Baby Sister said...

My Christmas tree is still up too. :)

Helene said...

If it makes you feel any better, my husband just took our outside Christmas lights and decorations down yesterday. Mind you, he didn't put them away...he just took them down. All the lights and decorations are sitting in a tangled mess in our garage.

Off to go check out your guest post!

The Woven Moments said...

I am so glad you are back. I, for one, have really missed you.

And - by the by - thank you for the major support on my H&M post. You rock.


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