We've Got Jesus And Bono In The House Today
Sunday, May 23, 2010
Today, the lovely Dee of The Redheaded Stepchild and Say Anything has asked me to be the guest blogger over at her place. Thank you, Dee for the honor. 

So, head on over to The Redheaded Stepchild for my post. Since it's Sunday and all, I thought I'd write about a little run-in we had with Jesus one time.

I'm also writing about Bono because as you've probably heard, the world has stopped spinning. Well, at least in this house it has, because Bono has injured his spine and when Bono hurts, I hurt. 

So, go check me out over at Dee's place and give Dee a little love while you're over there. She's not feeling too hot these days. She looks hot. She's just not feeling hot. 

So, what are you waiting for. Go! Click the button! I know it's Sunday, but clicking takes very little effort.  

Later, Taters.



Katie's Dailies said...

Love your post. I left quite a lengthy comment over at Dee's place for you, but I've been thinking of Bono these past couple days. Wish they'd UPDATE US! Don't they know how important his health is to his adoring fans? ARGH!! It's killin' me!

cheri said...

off to check your post :)

have they said anything why bono underwent surgery?

Dee said...

Thank you so much for doing the post. I can't stop laughing about your daughter being snubbed by Jesus, man. That's just wrong! LOL

Dee said...

Thank you so much for doing the guest post, sweetie. I'm still laughing over your daughter being snubbed by "Jesus".

One Photo said...

Hi Joann - loved your guest post today, as I know you in turn love Bono I am sorry to hear the news. I am sure if he needs a wheelchair pusher he will be calling you so keep working those muscles :-)

Alexandra said...

I'll be right over,honey.

acte gratuit said...

I just stumbled on your blog and I was wondering if we could be best-blog-friends-forever. Solely because your blog name cracks me up. Oh, and because you love Bono!
Whatdaya think? BBFF's?

angelina la dawn said...

yay for guest blogging! going to check it out now...

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