I'm In My Red Dress And Feeling WOW
Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm pretty certain this will be the only moment in my life when I can say this—I'm kind of like one of those Kardashian sisters. You know, those girls who are all over the place, but no one's exactly sure why they're here or who they are. That is me today . . . except with less junk in my trunk. 

Today I have the privilege of being featured at two phenomenal sites, not one but two of my favorite blogs in the blog universe. How's that for lucky? I feel like I just pulled a real diamond ring out of the Cracker Jack box. 

First off, I am the featured BON at WOW and no, I'm not pretending to know French by making up some French sounding words. (Although I do that all the time. My kids really think I know French even though I don't know a bit of French except the word croissant and vinaigrette, both of which I like very much.)

Being the BON at WOW is even better than a faux French language.  

I am the Blogger Of Note at Words of Wisdom. I love Words Of Wisdom because it's a blog that focuses on those bloggers who are in it for the written word. WOW was created by Sandy and Pam as a place where "bloggers of substance" can find each other. Sort of like a Match.com for bloggers who love to write. 

And for those of you new to my blog today, welcome! I'll show you around and hopefully, you might just want to stay. 

I'm Joann. I have a house full of daughters— teenage daughters—so yeah, there is more daily drama here than in the whole first season of The Jersey Shore. I have three dogs, two who are morons. I have a menagerie of other animals, none that I care to even think about at this moment. Let's just say, the stupid ducks are laying stupid eggs as we speak. I have a hubby who doesn't like movies with English accents or talking about his feelings, but he's a real champ when it comes to all the estrogen in his house. I love Bono of U2 with every fibre of my being. I drink wine. And most importantly, I write. I am very proud to say I have written a novel and very shortly I will be shopping my novel out to literary agents. 

I am thrilled and terrified to take this leap into the great big world of publishing. The next part of the journey is one giant question mark and I can't wait to see what's in store.

For all you new folks who are wondering if I'm a good blog match, here are some posts that will give you a little peek at the workings of my mind. I promise, it's only scary sometimes. 

I received a fabulous spam the other day and I'm pretty sure I committed my first murder. You can read all about that fun right here: I Might Just Have Accidentally Killed A Spammer 

And sometimes I dig into the deep recesses of my heart. Here's a recent example of that: A Letter To My Girl. 

And this seems to be my most popular post with my readers— the one about my dogs, my ungrateful, moronic dogs. Lessons I Am Learnin' You Today—You Are Welcome

Check out my other faves up top. I hope you like me. I hope we can blog date. I'm very nice and I'll make you laugh and I'll even make you cry, but just a little and in a good way. 

I also have the honor of guest posting at The Red Dress Club today. And if you haven't been over to the Red Dress Club yet, run, don't walk, on over there right away. But wait, first finish my post and check out WOW and then you can run over to Red Dress. 

Cheryl and Ericka have done an extraordinary job creating a place for writers who dream of being published. It's a site filled with writing tips, forums, writing memes, and I mean really good writing prompts, links and just an all in all wonderful place for budding authors to find answers. 

One of my favorite things about this blog is their About link that explains the inspiration behind The Red Dress Club. You'll be all goose pimply after reading it, it's that lovely. 

I'm giving advice at Red Dress today on writing a novel and yes, I know what you're going to say. Isn't that an awful lot like my daughter teaching driving lessons—you know, Miss I Can't Figure Out How To Keep The Car Straight In The Lane while veering wildly all over the road crying and the same girl who had two car accidents within her first nine days of driving? And yes, you would be right, Internet. 

I know I'm really not the person who should be advising anyone on anything at all, actually. But Cheryl thinks I might just have something to say. And I will tell you, in this process of writing my novel, I learned such empowering lessons about writing and more importantly, about myself. 

If you'd asked me a year ago, who I was, I wouldn't have pronounced myself a writer. I didn't feel like I earned that title, at least not yet. But these days are different. I've walked down a long path full of twists and turns and I've stumbled . . .  a lot. And along the way, as I dug down in my heart in constant pursuit of the right words, a writer was born. Now, the words, "I am a writer" come easily to me and I bear that title with honor and, I hope, grace. 

Thank you, my beautiful readers who have helped me get to this place with your unceasing support and kind words. And thank you to all my new friends who've come here today. I hope you like me, because I'm super needy like that.  

For all my new friends, on every post I suggest a song to download. Music is one of my most beloved things besides writing and I have a vast, eclectic collection of favorites. 

For today, Pearl Jam's "Unthought Known." Because Eddie Vedder runs a close second to my Bono when it comes to sexy rock men who I wish were my boyfriend. Because, when I need a little inspiration, I can turn on my iPod and Eddie's sexy, jagged voice always helps me unleash the words. And because this song speaks to me about this place I've found myself and this road I'm headed down. I'm not sure if I'll lose my way, but I'm walking it and every step fills me with joy. 

All the thoughts you never see
You are always thinking
Brain is wide, the brain is deep
Oh, are you sinking?

Feel the path of every day
Which road you taking?
Breathing hard, making hay
Yeah, this is living

Look for love in evidence
That you're worth keeping
Swallowed whole in negatives 
It's so sad and sickening

Feel the air up above
Oh, pool of blue sky
Fill the air up with love 
All black with starlight

Feel the sky blanket you
With gems and rhinestones
See the path cut by the moon
For you to walk on

For you to walk on....

See the path cut by the moon
For you to walk on
See the waves on distant shores
Awaiting your arrival

Dream the dreams of other men
You'll be no one's rival
Dream the dreams of others then
You will be no one's rival

A distant time, a distant space
That's where we're living
A distant time, a distant place
So what ya giving?
What ya giving?



Gigi said...

Woo hoo! headed over there now to read on up. I love the red writing hood..too afraid to do one of their prompts. I'm a blogger, but not a "writer." :) I love reading everyone else's work, though!

Unknown said...

Well, aren't you just one popular lady! Going to check out those sites!

Ashley said...

You always recommend the best blogs to read, and as I've said before, I cannot wait to be reading your novel.

And just so you know, seeing you and your 3 teenaged daughters is like imagining myself in another 10 years. It definitely is something I look forward to, you know, when the diaper days are far behind me!

Cheeseboy said...

Okay, we have very similar tastes in music. Pearl Jam is one of my all time favorites too. However, I have no desire to make out with either Eddie Vedder or Bono.

Courtney Cox, now we're talking.

What was I talking about? Oh yes. You are featured more on other sites than Lindsay Lohan is in the news. Not that I am jealous, except that I am.

SparkleFarkel said...

Just got back from reading "I Might Just Have Accidentally Killed a Spammer," where discovering that you define all Adam Sandler movies as "crap-ass" sealed the deal for me: I definitely will be "clicking" on your "Follow"!

Congratulations on your two recognitions/awards!

Alexandra said...

Joann! LOVED your guest post to pieces but no place to leave comments there!! Are they accidentaly turned off? Cuz there's no post a comment site...just so you know, you might have comments, but there's no way to leave them.

YOUR POST WAS EXcellent. LOTS of sage words...I need to print that up.


granny1947 said...

Good Morning you needy thing!
I was just thinking of you and then I sat down at my puter and there was a mail to tell me you had posted.
Why was I thinking of you?
Your blog title...Laundry hurts my feelings...have just finished vacuuming up several small dogs...housework hurts ALL of me!
Lovely post as always.

Ash said...

Just over from your awesome stuff at TRDC - I've already printed out the post and will place it in the front of my notebook. Which currently resides on my "writing desk" (yes, I've even created a quiet space - how motivated am I?!) right next to my still-in-wrapper 3x5 cards. These will be released today, as soon as my weekend guests hit the road.

Your enthusiasm, positive energy and hilarious words are lighting a fire under my soon-to-be writer's ass. Thank you so much for that.

Any agent is going to be one lucky duck to land you my friend.

Deborah said...

Eddie! Aaaaaaah Now I'll be thinking about him all day and making an iPod playlist with only him and his Pearl Jam.

I am excited about your book. Holy heart attack!

Lisa said...

I am heading over right now to read your posts (congrats on your popularity, by the way!!) but just had to leave a quick comment regarding the ducks laying eggs...just curious - ummmm, not sure how to say this, but are they fertilized? Ahem. I mean do those eggs mean there will soon be baby ducklings running around Casa Joann and trying to poop everywhere?

Oh dear. Good luck, girlfriend!

Also, sorry I missed your comment about trying to get together last week. I would have loved that. Unfortunately I didn't have a wi-fi connection, so much to my dismay I was technology free.

Cecelia Winesap said...

Ahhh Pearl Jam - I'm a fan. I had an issue with them recently though. When I was breastfeeding my son, I had an Evenflow breast pump.

So guess what was in my head for six straight months?



Liz said...

You are so awesome, so none of this surprises me. In fact, I saw some tweetin' being done about you, and someone calling your their Bloggy Crush!!! Wowsers! :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

I can put your mind at ease about your spammer. He's still alive and being held by the Russian Mafia and being forced to send messages about penis enlargements.
He's just moved on to posting his shit on people's blogs.

Bossy Betty said...

I can't wait until you have your own reality TV show.

Baby Sister said...

You're amazing!! I shall go check them out tonight.
Oh, and I agree with Bossy Betty.

twelvedaysold said...

Finally, the popularity you deserve!

Unknown said...

I love that you compared BON to match.com. Love your blog!

cheri said...

okay, i have been offline for a week due to no fault of mine, so i'm pleasantly surprised at the new look of you blog. bono must be so proud :)

Mom vs. the boys said...

Oh wow, I almost didn't recognize you over here! love the new look!

One Photo said...

Congrats on all the special features, can't wait to hear more about how things are going with the novel.

Lindsay said...

Just stopping by via the Red Dress Club. It was a great post, indeed. And I think all of your advice was bang on.

Deborah said...

Am I commenting in the right place? Congratulations on being a BON! I left a comment on your doggy post. Am enjoying exploring your blog and love your style of writing.
I have you on my feed now so will be definitely be back.

Dawn in D.C. said...

I'm not a "writer", but I am most definitely a reader and can't wait to read your novel.

Oh, and I want to see pictures of the ducklings, too. Hope the morons don't eat them.

Jessica Anne said...

Stopping over from TRDC. I just loved your post and plan on soaking up more of your sage words on writing and dealing with 3 girls (mine are 4, 2, and 8 mos.).

Natalie said...

Yay for you! You are so fantastic! I'm happily hopping over to see your guest post :)

randine said...

Congragulations on your much deserved recognition! I went over and read your interview and it was great! I agree, Nathan Bransford had a great blog. My other favorite is Janet Reid's Query Shark.

Your French sounds like my Spanish. The only two words I know are "picante" and "loco." They did not serve me well when I was in Mexico. Unless I was eating food that crazy hot, which a lot of the time, I was. So, actually, it worked out OK.

Jen said...

You are everywhere! Gonna go check them out now.

jayayceeblog said...

Congrats on the features ... will definitely check out the writing sites.

P.S. I like you, I really like you!!!

Katie Gates said...

Wonderful post on your special day. Congrats on your well-deserved BON status! (See, I can speak French, too!)

Alyson -- Common Sense, Dancing said...

Tres BON that you are a featured blogger! Couldn't happen to a better writer!


http://souldipper.wordpress.com said...

Delighted to have discovered you, thanks to Granny1947. Congrats on your feature - having read a few of your articles, it makes perfect sense. But, Joann, your letter to your daughter marinated my heart in tears and roasted it with the oven turned to 'love'.

Many thanks for sharing your recipe for mom-hood.

- Amy

Lula Lola said...

Aren't you the lady about town? I think everyone should have a chance to read what you write! Makes my days brighter. Lucky people that are going to be finding you today! I'm off to check out your guest posts!

Life Explorer said...

Hi,how are you today?I have surfed your blog serveral times, thanks for your information and photos. I will go on to follow your blog. If you have time, you can come to my blog and feel free give me some comment, more important thing is be follower!

(My blog is share-how-why.blogspot.com)

Lucy said...

Well I found you from TRDC and I'm going to read your other guest post now. And then "How to Train Your Hubby." My favorite bloggers are usually other aspiring writers, so I'm thrilled to meet you. And I admire you for caring for so many animals, plus 3 girls, plus a man, all the while writing a novel. Awesome.

JennyMac said...

Going to check it out now. And, one more reason I love your writing style:

I'm kind of like one of those Kardashian sisters. You know, those girls who are all over the place, but no one's exactly sure why they're here or who they are. That is me today . . . except with less junk in my trunk.


Renee said...

Hey lady! I know you're very busy & are popping in when you can, so I wanted to let you know I picked you as a Versatile Blogger in my most recent post.


I love, love, LOVE your blog! It's always funny, & comes with a great song to check out. When I grow up, I want to blog like you!

Hope everything is going well with the novel!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Love your new look, and congratulations on being featured in two fantastic new places I can go to! Personally, you inspire me to be the best I can be. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

They like you! They really like you!

What took them so long???


Loulou La Poule said...

Honey, if you were running for office in November, I'd vote for ya! In fact, would you please come on over to SC and run against that witch Nikki Haley? You can stay in my guest room. No ducks.

Unknown said...

I didn't do the Red Dress prompt for today b/c dialogue scares me. However, I am heading over to check out all of your links & appearances! congrats you big time writer, you!

Lora said...

my congratulations are late, but sincere. i'm glad BON has brought us together (LOVE the match.com comparison) because i LOVE your blog. what fun!

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